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50 Pretty Small Tattoos for Girls – Tiny Tattoo Ideas and Inspiration in 2022

What is the most popular tattoo for a girl and small tattoos for women?

Tattoos are one of the intriguing ways of expressing your feelings and thoughts using body creative art.
Their history of them is quite old, different cultures hold the unique meaning of having a tattoo that
represents their culture. Also, there was a time when tattoos were only confined to a certain group of
voyagers, niches, or hippies.

Different beliefs hindered its existence everywhere. But, in today’s times, things have changed and
many people around the world are opting for it. Females like to show their art and depth with help of
tattoos. Here are some beautiful small tattoo designs that girls can get on their bodies.

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Scorpion Tattoo

small Scorpion tattoo for girls

The characteristics and behaviors of a scorpion are represented by this tattoo. Those who have this tattooed on their bodies may want to convey the idea that they can be deadly, sneaky, and shouldn’t be trifled with. This tattoo may be an emblem of several other concepts, including the star sign Scorpio, to reflect the scorpion’s features.

Heart Tattoo

small heart tattoos for girls, small tattoos for girls, small tattoos, tats

A simple heart may represent one’s choice of being simple and loving it in their way. Some choose this tattoo simply to put out a word that they believe in love and admire the quality of loving someone. This can be a really good choice for girls who believe in the purest feeling humans experience, that is love.

Small Revolver Tattoo

Small Revolver Tattoo for girls, small tattoos for girls, small tattoos

The people who choose heart tattoos believe that there is eternal love and want the pure side of it. The anatomical hearts are different than the other ones. If you’re thinking about getting a heart tattoo, then you should see more about it and then get the one that’s perfect.

Dolphin Tattoos

Dolphin Tattoos for girls, small tattoos for girls, tats, tattoos

As many of us know the feeling of being alone and badly needing a friend, tattoos are also a way to feel comfortable with yourself. Dolphins are friendly, which are among the most important things to know about them, which makes them dear friends, and many people enjoy having them tattooed on their bodies as it helps them feel less alone.

Shooting stars Tattoo

small star tattoos for girls, small tattoos, tattoos, tats

Desires or visions can be symbolized by shooting stars. They allow others recognize that you are indeed a wisher, a visionary, and an individual who enjoys chasing after the pleasures of life once they are inscribed on your body. You dream about things, and what better way to show this to the world in a great way.

Lightning Tattoos

Small Lightning Tattoos For Girls, small tattoos for girls

Nature is revered by many people around the world, as it should be. In celebration of these extreme phenomena, people also chose to get tattoos. Like Greek mythology suggests, lightning is a symbol of immense power and speed. If you are a person who likes to feel the blood rush inside your body, then you should go for this tattoo.

Cat on half moon Tattoo

Cat on half moon tattoos for girls

A cat seated on a half-moon is a fascinating sight that is often associated with sorcery. This period of the new moon is synonymous with transformation and the belief that existence is in constant flux. This tattoo might reflect luck, suspense, or even mortality, depending on your choice. Whenever these signs are mixed, the result is a piece that is both attractive and sexy.

Waves Tattoo

Waves Tattoo for girls, small tattoos for girls, tattoos, tats

A wave tattoo can have a lot of different meanings for different people. It may be because somebody who lived near water chooses to take this with them. After all, they’ll have to travel elsewhere. Water purifies, so it may have a phoenix-like sense for them and represent regeneration. Getting rid of the old and starting again.

Elephants Tattoo

Small Elephants Tattoos for girls, small tattoos for girls, small tattoos, tattoos

In tattoos, elephants are frequently used to reflect knowledge. Their legendary memories and long lifetime contribute to this concept, and their inherently large and elegant appearance implies realistic tattoos were also used to depict it. This simple yet effective tattoo represents strength and confidence that is embedded in its owner and remains there.

Alien Tattoos

small Alien Tattoos for girls, small tattoos for girls

You can have an alien inked to reflect your favorite sci-fi movie or to show your appreciation for outer space. One reason you would want such a tattoo is to display your eccentric side. Some individuals who just don’t fit in or those who are from yet another country would get this inked as a smaller or larger reflection of that. In essence, an alien symbol can symbolize almost whatever you’d like.

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are vivid, beautiful flying insects. For millennia, humans have fantasized about traveling, and the action of flying has come to symbolize freedom. Butterflies are a beautiful, patterned sign of liberty and trust, so they’re often chosen to reflect a life change in which an individual releases an extra strain, accepts another individual, or enables the spirit of a dead loved one just to move forward.

Small Butterfly Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

small tattoos for women

Small Cross Tattoo

Small Cross Tattoo For Girls

This basic and elegant style is ideal for those who like to keep their Catholic beliefs or religion in context. The tiny cross, which is commonly tattooed from the inside arm, leg, upper arm, or behind the neck, displays your values to the universe in a subtle and non-obtrusive way.

The letter “S” Tattoo

The letter S Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

The letter S is regarded as something of an initial mark. Initial tattoos become a little, discreet, and maybe one of the most meaningful simple tattoo types. An initial tattoo serves as a constant reminder of somebody special to you. This can be your name or a tribute to someone you love.

Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

Sunflowers are a sign of love, joy, and hope. Whenever you see a patch of these lovely, brightly colored flowers, it’s difficult not to smile. On your hand, the sunflower design feels nice, and these styles of designs are becoming increasingly common. It’s a simple one to hide or flaunt.

Simple Yet Strong Tattoo

Simple Yet Strong Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls, small tattoos, tattoos

This tattoo is a badass choice for those girls who identify themselves as minimalists. When you look at the design, it makes you feel light and confident due to its simple and striking form. It’s more like the tattoo is talking on behalf of you, gaining strength for you as you move.

Umbrella Tattoo

Umbrella Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls, small tattoos

Umbrella symbols offer people a distinctive shape to imprint on their skin, but they also have descriptions that appeal to a broad variety of people. Some individuals like them as tattoos because of their cute appearance, while others appreciate the meaning that the picture conveys. This simple pink one gives a warm hug to the people you meet and to yourself.

King Lion Tattoo

A lion’s tattoo is the best option if you’re looking for a bold and stunning yet significant tattoo. Lions have been viewed equally by cultures all over the world for millennia thanks to their intensity in the wild. Because of their renown, the Lions have become an important and admired icon for many people, making it a great tattoo design option.

King Lion Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls, small animal tattoos, small tattoos

small tattoos for women

Bee Tattoo

Bee Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

Bees often come to symbolize environmental sustainability because of the critical part they play throughout the ecosystem and cultivation. They also reflect perseverance and teamwork. The honey bee symbolizes devotion and bravery because it will defend its house at the cost of its life. Strong, simple yet noticeable, this tattoo is a great choice.

Small Circle Tattoo

Small Circle Tattoo For Girls

The most basic of photos may also convey the most important meanings. The ring has long been regarded among the most famous tattoo designs. The circle is a universal sign that everybody recognizes. Greatness, fulfillment, and completion are among the meanings associated with the circle tattoo. The most powerful yet the most simple design you will see.

Leaves Tattoo

Leaves Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

A simple leaf is indeed a historic ornamental emblem representing happiness. It does, however, reflect far more than pleasure. In reality, as a metaphor for life, the leaves may hold a range of parts of life. It may also be a sacred symbol. This tattoo can have multiple meanings, depending upon what you need.

Earth with Flowers Tattoo

Earth with Flowers Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

The world is beloved by us all, and therefore we must protect it; this one has beautifully conveyed that message. Here, flowers are there to remind us that the world is precious and beautiful. This is to show that you are still in the fight to make this world a better place for everyone.

Buffalo Skull Tattoo

Buffalo Skull Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

The buffalo skull is a sign of lifetime security from all forces of nature, according to some Native Americans. The icon still reflects the bull’s characteristics of bravery, endurance, and endurance today. Strength and courage are its main reflections. This can be a really good choice for conveying your bold and fearless nature.

Just Breathe Tattoo

Just Breathe Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

With the widespread recognition of psychiatric conditions as a real problem in society, the breathe symbol has become increasingly common. When things get out of hand, the breathe tattoos serve as a reminder to relax and take a deep breath. By inhabiting this one, you show others that you care about their well-being.

Egyptian Queen Tattoo

Egyptian Queen Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

Egyptian markings are stunning symbols of strength and honor. They go back to a time when ancient Egyptians dominated the land and goddesses were praised. While it was a different period, the marks have been passed down over the years. Some people still have Egyptian marks on their bodies. Be a believer by having this simple but strong symbol of honor.

Stick and Poke Tattoo

Stick and Poke Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

This is the stick and poke type of tattoo, that is created very subtly on the hands of girls. It’s delicate and beautiful and almost looks like a jewel en-carved. The tattoo emphasizes the feminine quality in a person. Therefore, it’s very attractive to many people who will observe it properly.

Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoo For Girls

Koi in Japanese means Carp fish. Getting this tattoo design symbolizes strength, independence, prosperity, good luck, determination, and perseverance. The reason for this is that it can adapt to many different water conditions and climates. Also, there is a story behind them that they turned into dragons because of their perseverance according to some Chinese and Japanese Mythology.

Inner Heart Tattoo

Inner Heart Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

Whenever there is a tattoo of the heart, it represents that the person believes in the language of love. This is a more detailed version of the heart, that is anatomical. It signifies universe perfection. Also, it represents spiritual devotion, mindfulness, and compassion. Even some people consider it a symbol of unity and love.

Pirate Anchor Tattoo

Pirate Anchor Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

As the design is related to pirates and they sail the seas by taking whatever they want. Its significance is freedom. Also, it holds other deeper meanings like bravery, unity, wanderlust, courage, deceit, and loyalty. So, if someone has this kind of tattoo, they surely believe in these qualities.

Snake and Moon Tattoo

Snake and Moon Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

It’s a tattoo with a beautiful snake facing towards a half-moon and some stars. They both symbolize similar meanings if we look closely. The snake represents change and renewal, which is similar to the waning and waxing of the moon. Some also consider it for the meaning of immortality, which is usually by artists.

 Palm Tree Tattoo

Palm Tree Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

The palm tree symbolizes peace, victory, eternal life, and triumph. People who believe in eternity usually like to get tattoos like these. Its specialty is that even after being small in size, can represent a deeper meaning to things.

Ace of Hearts Tattoo

Ace of Hearts Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

Ace of hearts tattoo is a very beautiful one to get. In this, a women’s hand holding it symbolizes that she is a believer in celebration, happiness, and love. It represents the birth of new beginnings and love and its celebration in life. The design is unique as well, and that looks intriguing when seen by anyone.

Queen of Hearts Tattoo

Queen of Hearts Tattoo, small tattoos for girls

Strong women love to be the master of their world. This tattoo is exactly about that and doesn’t associate with the card. The meaning of this symbol is that they are the master of their love life and heart. It represents power and femininity with the queen on the heart’s head.

One-line Kiss Tattoo

One-line Kiss Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

The time when lips are used in any kind of tattoo, particularly females. Then that signifies intimate and erogenous activity. Also, if the person is an artist that represents the passion in their work and nature. You can get it anywhere and rock the look.

Life It is Tattoo

Life It is Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

It’s a very interesting tattoo design that has a crying eye, a flower as the other eye, and lips. It shows an outlook towards human life, how we cry sometimes and are happy on other days. Everything is all about ups and downs and this symbolizes embracing everything.

Mandala Art Wolf Tattoo

Mandala Art Wolf Tattoo For Girls

Back or shoulder is the best place for a wolf-inking tattoo. As there is a slat, wide, and smooth surface the
artist can create a beautiful design of a Mandala wolf. If you want a photo-realistic style or a tribal tattoo
then this is especially good. However, you won’t be able to see it without a mirror. But, will surely make
you stand out.

Fern Tattoo

Fern Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

Fern is an African symbol of resourcefulness and endurance when it’s inked on the skin. It shows a home kind of nature but also can be used as a representation of prosperity, longevity, happiness, and new beginnings. Also, some people use it to showcase how strongly they are bonded to nature.

Small Cloud Tattoo

Small Cloud Tattoo For Girls

A person who inks them with a cloud design symbolizes resilience, personal growth, and a reminder of a dark past. Usually, it holds a personal meaning to the tattoo holder. Usually, people want to remind themselves of how far they have come in life and come to peace with their minds and heart after a bad time.

Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

Roses are quite complex flowers and are also one of the most popular tattoos. Its carving represents hope, promise, and new beginnings. But, sometimes it also symbolizes passion and love in traditional ways. There is also a hidden strength in the roses that can also be taken into consideration.

Flying Birds Tattoo

Flying Birds Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

Many of us would love to fly like those birds in the sky. This flying bird foot tattoo is similarly attractive because of the same. They symbolize ease, optimism, family value, unity, and freedom. The best part about them is that no matter how high they fly and how far they go, they come back home.

Balloon Tattoo

Balloon Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

The balloon is an image that can symbolize different meanings. It can be used to describe the act of holding on or letting go. Also, depending on people its meaning can vary. It could also be a symbol of achievement and freedom, or love, happiness, and celebration. Moreover, in some cases, it could also mean peace and acceptance.

Wasp Tattoo

Wasp Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

The wasp is a unique insect and is believed to be a symbol of having control over the circumstances of your life in some cultures. It also means that instead of just wishing for dreams you need to act on them practically. Moreover, there is more significance to them such as progress, development, order, and evolution. Also, is been considered a symbol of aggressiveness and selfishness.

Love with Beaches Tattoo

Love with Beaches Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

When there are some palm trees, a setting sun, and a flying airplane in a tattoo. All of this represents the love for traveling, sunset, and especially beaches. It symbolizes freedom, belonging, earthiness, connect with nature. It depends on the person as to what they are trying to feel through it.

Nature love Tattoo

Nature love Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

A beautiful tattoo that can give a zest of different nature’s beauty like the shining sun, a sea, mountains, a cactus representing dessert, and a snow heap. It’s fascinating as it has nature’s many different aspects and how still they are all connected. The depth holds along with the variation is what makes it so unique.

Moon Phases Tattoo

Moon Phases Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

One simple truth of life, everything is touched and stimulated by the moon. It symbolizes life so well, that people associate it with their past, present, and future and how it keeps changing just like the phases of the moon. Also, there is a deeper meaning hidden in the beauty of the moon, which involves shadows, eternity, purity, magic, and mystery. These resemble the meaning of celestial tattoos.

Flamingo Tattoo

Flamingo Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

The flamingo is a tropical bird that is mostly considered the symbol of Florida. Usually, when the tattoos are of any bird, the traits are the animal are associated with its meaning. As these are quite social animals that believe in communication among themselves and are caring and loving parents. It depicts protection, family, love, and understanding.

Cat Tattoo

There could be various meanings of having a cat tattoo depending on the person. But, usually, it showcases luck, mystery, grace, quiet, and intelligence-like traits. Most people who have a deeper understanding of art and things, love to get such tattoos. The reason to get one could also be if you are a cat lover. Also, people usually have a love for adventurous and exotic things.

Cat Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

small tattoos for women


Monument Tattoo

Monument Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

Different monuments hold different meanings for people. Usually, the interesting design and structure are attractive and sometimes the memories associated with it are special to someone. It could signify strength, history, love, faith, hope, etc. All of this depends on the perception of the wearer.

Sacred NYC Tattoo

Sacred NYC Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

Sacred tattoos are geometrical ones that use patterns and shapes that can be seen in nature, and also ties in with religious icons. There are certain theories about it, certain cultures believe that these tattoos if worn on certain body parts can restore health, provide balance, and heal. The design with sacred monuments connected with the NYC bridge represents the beauty associated with it.

Jersey Tattoo

Jersey Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

There are many football lovers out there, I am not wrong, right? Well, if you are one of the die-hard fans or else just love playing it. Then, the jersey tattoo is the best and most exciting choice. It represents everything that football depicts. It symbolizes the love for football, team unity, hard work, never-give-up attitude, and so on.

Entangled Magic Tattoo

Entangled Magic Tattoo For Girls, small tattoos for girls

The design itself speaks volume, the entangled spirals with little planets revolving represents the connection with the universe. On the other hand, the chaotic way of its creation represents the originality of being a human that makes mistakes and is happy with itself. Mostly it symbolizes raw beauty, spirituality, love, compassion, and uniqueness.

Plane Tattoos

Small Tattoos for Girls 2022

Camel Tattoos

Small Tattoos for Girls 2022


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