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Junior Bridgeman Highest Net Worth in 2022, Birthday, Height, Wife and Kids

How did Junior Bridgeman get so rich?

Junior Bridgeman is an American former basketball player and highly popular fast-food magnate. Unlike now, where essentially every NBA player is a millionaire, Bridgeman was not. Money in basketball 40 years ago was scarce. The majority of celebrities earned money through sponsorships and advertising. Junior Bridgeman had a tremendous 12-year NBA career with the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers. His most significant pay in a single season was $350,000. He put all of the money he earned into fast-food businesses, particularly Wendy’s restaurants. Today, he is among the wealthiest sportsmen in history and a role model for achieving success after retiring from professional sports.

As of 2022, Junior Bridgeman net worth is estimated at $610 million.

Junior Bridgeman Careers

Bridgeman had an outstanding basketball career, earning 11,517 points in total. Bridgeman spent most of his NBA career as a sixth man, spending ten years with Milwaukee and only with Clippers. He scored double figures in scoring for nine seasons in a row. With 711 games played, he owns the Milwaukee rookie record for most games played, but he only began 105 of them.

Bridgeman was a strong and consistent basketball player. Junior knew he’d only have a short period in the NBA. Paychecks would eventually stop flowing in, and he’d have to look for alternative sources of consistent income. Junior, on the spur of the moment, decided to buy a Wendy’s franchise.

While other basketball players celebrated in the summer, Bridgeman worked at the local Wendy’s, understanding every aspect of his growing company and laying the groundwork for the future of his family’s lives. Junior bought three Wendy’s by the point his playing career was over. Junior gradually developed Bridgeman Foods Inc. during the coming few years. The number of locations increased from three to six. Six became ten. Ten became twenty, and so forth. Junior’s extremely devoted work ethic was a significant factor in the business performance.

A diner recognized and saw Junior preparing fries wearing Wendy’s uniform. That person was surprised and phoned a local sports radio program to express his sadness at seeing a former major NBA player needing to struggle in Wendy’s asking for “fries with it too?”

Bridgeman Foods Inc owned about 160 Wendy’s and 120 Chili’s franchisees in 2016. Bridgeman has approximately 11,000 employees, more than $530 million in yearly sales. Junior was the world’s second-biggest Wendy’s franchisee and one of America’s most respected entrepreneurs. He also bought Blaze Pizza and Fazoli’s franchises. He sold it in 2016. Chili’s parent company repurchased 116 Bridgeman franchisees. Bridgeman’s Chili restaurants made about $300 million annually. Read this page to learn more about Chris Bosh career as well as those of other NBA Players.

Junior Bridgeman Parents and Siblings

His father, Ulysses Sr., was a steel mill worker, while his mother, Dolores, was a stay-at-home mother. Junior Bridgeman has just one sibling, Samuel Bridgeman.

Junior Bridgeman Wife

Bridgeman married his college ladylove Doris Griffith in 1975. The couple has been together for more than three decades.

Junior Bridgeman Kids

Eden Bridgeman, Justin Bridgeman, and Ryan Bridgeman are the couple’s three adult children who hold MBAs and serve in the family business.

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Ulysses Lee
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