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Jimmie Walker Net Worth in 2022, Birthday, Age, Height, Dating and Kids

What is Jimmie Walker net worth?

Born in 1947, Jimmie Walker is a veteran American comedian and actor. He is known for portraying the rules of James Evan junior, the eldest son of Florida. He likewise played the role of James Evan senior in the CBS TV series The Good Times from 1974 to 1979.

He also received nominations for the Golden Globe award in the best supporting actor category. Panasonic cassette commercials featured Jimmie Walker. He continued working on his favorite genre- comedy series and films. As of 2021, JJ Jimmie Walker is 75 years old.

As mentioned before, Jimmie Walker’s way to the nation was with the catchphrase din-o-mite. The nation and the film industry admired his acting skill, but Jimmie wasn’t satisfied with the role. This sort of humility made Walker keep on working hard. The perfectionist released titles like We Are Still Here available on Amazon Tunes and iTunes. In 2017, Jimmy admitted that he had Lyme disease and got affected by inactivity and lethargy for several months.

The Early Life of Jimmie Walker

Jimmy Walker was born as junior James Carter on 25th June 1947. He was born to Lorina Walker and James Carter Walker sr. He grew up in the Bronx with his sister Beverly. Beverly worked as the head nurse at a state hospital. After graduating from the Theodore Roosevelt School, James attended the educational program founded by the NY State.

As of 2022, Jimmie Walker’s net worth is estimated at $2 million.

The Acting Career of Jimmie Walker

In 1969, Jimmie started working as a standup comedian. Soon he came under the notice of the casting director of The Good Times. He made appearances in the comedy Jack Par time and Martin’s laugh IN. The 1974-75 good times featured James Carter junior. Although he was 26 years old, that character was quite young. John Amos, who played the role of James’ father, was only eight years older than he was.

James gives credit to the film’s producer, John Rich, for creating the dialogue dy-no-mite. The producer insisted on him repeating the dialogue every season. Eventually, it got the attention of the audience.

Political Opinion of the Veteran Comedian Jimmie Walker

The comedian considers himself logically independent. In the Fox Studio show, he stated that he is a big supporter of former US President Donald Trump. Jimmy supports him for 90% of the activities he does. In an interview with CNN, Walker stated that he opposes gay marriage, yet the right should be passed. This isn’t worth the battle against the LGBT community.

He defends himself by stating that it doesn’t mean that I agree with him on all the issues. Of course, he’s a human being, and he makes mistakes.

The Personal Life of Jimmie Walker

In a 2012 episode, Wendy Williams stated that Jimmy had several girlfriends but never married one or had kids. It was a rumor that Walker was dating the American writer Pundit Ann Coulter. Coulter defended the rumors saying that Walker was just her best friend. Just friends, no romance or anything like that.

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