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Geddy Lee Net Worth in 2022, Birthday, Age, Height, Wife and Kids

How much Geddy Lee's worth?

Geddy Lee is the most prominent musician, songwriter, and singer born in 1953. Geddy Lee is now 69 years old, and his real name is Gary Lee Weinrib. Geddy Lee is Rush’s lead singer. He joined Rush with his childhood friends. Due to Geddy Lee’s six fingers on his right hand, he plays bass fast. The band ceased large-scale touring at the end of 2015, and Lifeson announced in 2018 that they would not continue. At age 67, Peart died of glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer. Therefore, Rush broke up. Don’t tell’ from Presto was one of Rush’s number one hits, and the album reached the top 10 in Canada. According to Alex Lifeson, the Rush will never perform again or reunite in the future. After Peart’s death, Alex and Geddy Lee stopped working together, but he is eager to get back together and work on some music again. Geddy Lee has a net worth of $52 million, which makes him one of the richest artists in the world.

Geddy Lee’s early life

Geddy Lee was born in Ontario, Canada, to Morris Weinrib and Mary Weinrib. Geddy Lee became a Jew at 13 when he received his bar mitzvah. Manya Weinrib is his sister, and Allan Weinrib is his brother. More specifically, Geddy Lee attended Fisherville Junior High School in Canada. When Geddy Lee was nine, he began performing.

As of 2022, Geddy Lee’s net worth is estimated at $52 million.

Geddy Lee’s music career

Geddy Lee began playing music in school at the age of ten and received his first acoustic guitar at 14. As a student, he played drums, clarinet, and trumpet. He joined Rush in 1969 and began performing professionally at high school dances, recreational events, and coffeehouses. Click here if you are interested in other celebrities’ careers, like Cam Newton and his net worth.

Geddy Lee side projects

On the 1981 hit song Takeoff, Geddy Lee contributed guest vocals to the track. He also produced the first album by Canada’s new wave band Boys Brigade in 1982. On the 1985 album We Are The World, Geddy Lee contributed guest vocals to the song Tears are not enough.

Furthermore, Geddy Lee also played bass with a Canadian rock band and long with his bandmates; he was a guest musician on the song Battle Scar from the Universal Juveniles album in 1980.

Further, Geddy Lee and his bandmate Alex Lifeson appear in episode 6 of Chicago Fire season 4. Ed Robertson, Barenaked ladies frontman, revealed in September 2021 that Geddy Lee and Barenaked ladies work on secret projects together.

Geddy Lee wife

Nancy Young is Geddy Lee’s wife, and the couple met through Nancy Young’s brother and were married in 1976. After almost forty-five years of marriage, Lindy Geddy Lee is still married to Nancy Young.

Geddy Lee Children

Geddy Lee has two children, one daughter named Kyla Avril Lee and one son named Julian Lee. In addition to being Geddy’s daughter, Kyla Avril Lee is also an actress.

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