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Flavor Flav Net Worth in 2022, Birthday, Age, Height, Wife, Gif and Kids

What was Flavor Flav highest net worth?

Flavor Flav is an American rapper, hype man, and tv personality who goes by the original William Jonathan Drayton Jr.

Do you know why he constantly has a clock on his person? The clock joke, according to Flavor, later had a more serious function. “He wears a clock because it symbolizes time, which is an essential aspect of our lives. He said that not only can we not afford to squander time, but God has only given us one life. Continue reading this article to learn more about him.

If we talk about net worth, then as of 2022, Flavor Flav’s net worth is $5 million.

Flavor Flav Early Life and Education

On Monday, March 16, 1959, Flavor Flav was born in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York, United States. He is a Pisces, and he is 63 years old. During concerts, he is renowned for popularising the hype guy and screaming “Yeah boy!” and “Flavor Flav!” Wearing clocks as pendants is his distinctive style.

He went to culinary school and worked at several restaurants after graduation. At this moment, no information about his schooling is known. Please return to this page shortly for updates.

Flavor Flav Career

Flavor Flav and Chuck D met each other, while Flavor Flav acquired the stage name from his tag and rapped together while attending Adelphi University on Long Island.

‘Yo! Bum Rush the Show, Flavor Flav’s debut album, was published in 1987. One of the group’s 1989 political songs indicated rising and standing against injustice, but it included derogatory lyrics against famous American idols. Like Maynard James Keenan, Flavor Flav has achieved considerable fame.

In 2004, he was selected to participate in the famous VH1 show, which follows a team of celebrities living together. During the production of this program, he began dating Brigitte Nielsen, who has been seen in many films.

Flavor Flav Other TV and Media Appearances

Flavor Flav was approached to join in the VH1 reality show The Surreal Life after a break from the music business. During the production of this program, he began dating actress Brigitte Nielsen. After completing The Surreal Life, VH1 aired a show called Strange Love, which chronicled Flav and Brigitte’s globetrotting love odyssey. Brigitte opted to go back to her would-be husband, Mattia Dessi, at the end of Strange Love.

Flavor Flav Parents and Siblings

Flav’s mother’s name is Anna Dayton, and his father’s name is William Dayton Sr. His father and mother’s professional backgrounds are unknown. Steven Drayton, a film producer, and Jean Delores, whose professional path is uncertain, are his two siblings.

Flavor Flav Wife

Flavor Flav is married to Liz Trujillo. Although the precise date of the couple’s wedding is unknown, they were engaged around 2003/2004. Despite numerous obstacles, the pair have stayed together ever since.

Flavor Flav Children

Shanique, Dazyna, Qana, William, Jasmine, Kayla, and Karma are Flave’s seven children. He has three children with Karen Ross, three more with Angie Parker, and Elizabeth Trujillo.

Photo ofWilliam Jonathan Drayton, Jr.
William Jonathan Drayton, Jr.
(Flavor Flav)
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American rapper

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