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Faye Hadley Net Worth in 2022, Career, Vehicle Specialist, Family and Husband

How much Faye Hadley worth and salary?

Faye Hadley is a popular automotive technician, TV show star, and social media influencer who specializes in repairing and reusing old cars. Also, she owns a business, is a Toyota specialist, and teaches about car repairing, hot rod designing, and automotive education through her website and YouTube videos. She is famous for co-hosting MotorTrend’s show All Girls Garage. Through her YouTube channel and her website, she also teaches car modification, auto repair, and education. On 25 September 1986, Faye Hadley was born into a Christian family in the United States of America. Her nationality is American, and she was born under the sign of Libra.

Faye Hadley is an attractive, Gothic-looking lady with a pretty smile. Her fitness and slimness are due to regular exercise and diligent work in repairing vehicles. Approximately 5’8″ or 1.72 meters tall, she weighs around 55 kilograms. It is known that she has beautiful brown eyes and black hair, as well as several tattoos, some of which are also pierced, on her whole body. You can check out her reels, videos, and photos on her social media account like Instagram and other platforms too! As of 2022, Faye Hadley’s net worth is estimated at $300k.


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Faye Hadley Family

Faye Hadley Family

She hasn’t revealed much about her family, but it is known that her father holds a Ph.D. from MIT and that her mother is named Cindy Copeland. Anya Lewis was Faye’s maiden name. She mentions in one of her Instagram posts that her parents separated, but they have a positive relationship with her stepfather. They taught her several things and always encouraged her to pursue a career in automotive. Hadley is also proud of them.

Faye Hadley Education

Faye was a hardworking kid since her childhood. She was a good student in her school, and she found an interest in automotive from middle school onward. Since then, she knew she had to pursue an automotive career. Just because she was good in school and got good grades, Faye was selected for Harvard and finished her degree in Psychology at the age of 22 years old. You’ll come to this page if you’re curious about the career of other influential personalities, like Daniel Powter and his net worth.

Faye Hadley Husband

Faye Hadley is married to Brandon Hadley. Their relationship began in late 2015, and they married, on September 25th, 2016. Brandon is originally from Phoneix, Arizona, but now lives in Texas with his wife, Hadley.

Faye Hadley: A Woman with a Passion for Cars

Faye Hadley cars

Faye Hadley was fascinated with the automotive industry, cars, and trucks as a child. Aside from learning about automotive, she was also very focused on her studies. She earned a degree in Psychology from Harvard as a result. After that, Faye was licensed as a therapist in the Northeast. Her interests were in cars and the automotive industry, so she was completely unsatisfied with that job. Working as a therapist, she spent her free time learning about cars and gaining knowledge about working in a garage. Later, she moved to Portland and quit her job. As she learned mechanics and car knowledge, she began taking automotive classes. Additionally, she has worked in garages in her free time. A Toyota dealership hired her after completing her automotive studies.


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Her responsibilities at Toyota included dealing with customers and explaining to them why they should buy and which car they should buy. With her time and skills, Faye earned several Toyota certifications. Then another garage offered her a job repairing and rebuilding old cars. Piston & PixieDust is an automotive education foundation she founded where she teaches the things she learned from her experience and knowledge about cars and the automotive industry. Toyotas and other cars are also repaired at this shop. Her first repair was a 1989 Toyota Supra, and she uploaded its video to YouTube. On 29 Jun 2015, she uploaded her first video titled Pacific Northwest supranational 2015 butt-to-butt burnouts. On YouTube, she has more than 132k subscribers and shares mostly videos about car rebuilding, repairing, and education.

A Reality TV Star in the Automotive Industry

Faye Hadley has extensive experience and skills in the automotive industry. She joined Motor Trend TV’s All Girls Garage as a member of the cast to show all-girl mechanics and car enthusiasts. The show features Faye with Sarah Bogi Lateiner, formerly Cristy Lee. The show is also intended to motivate women and girls who are interested in automotive to pursue it as a career. Moreover, they show how they deal with clients in order to make their old car into a new one or repair any car. Besides All Girls Garage, Faye Hadley also appears on Motor MythBusters. Faye works alongside Tory Belleci, Bisi Ezerioha, and other stars to expose automotive myths. In addition, she was featured in a show called Best of Top Gear, where several Hot Rod Designers and Reality Show Stars were interviewed. Through reality TV shows and social media, she has gained thousands of followers.

Faye Hadley’s Net Worth

Working for a Toyota car company, Hadley gets a $10k per month salary and runs her own business as a car mechanic. As of 2022, Faye Hadley’s net worth is estimated at $300k.

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