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Damon Dash Net Worth in 2022, Birthday, Age, Girlfriend, Wife and Kids

What is Damon Dash net worth? Is Damon Dash rich?

Damon Anthony Dash is the most prominent entrepreneur, creator, and music senior manager in America who was born on May 3, 1971. He did not show his father’s name, but his mother’s name is Cindy Morales, who always motivates him. His brother’s name is Bobby dash, and he is the cousin of actress Stacey Dash and Darien Dash. Damon Dash’s height is 1.78m tall, and he has 80 kg weight. Damon Dash holds American nationality. He is a rich man who has a net worth is around $150 thousand.

 Damon Dash’s early life

Damon Dash went to boarding school for good study and attended Public school and Dwight school. More so, Damon Dash graduated from the Manhattan center for mathematics and science. As a teenager, Damon Dash utilized to sell newspapers, shirts and swept floors of local barbershops. During her teenage years, his mother died because of an asthma attack.

Damon Dash career

His friend Clark Kent introduced Damon Dash to a young rapper named Jay-Z. They both, together with partner Kareem and launched  Roc-A-Fella records. Damon Dash is the cofounder of this record and served as manager or business partner of Jay-Z.  They both got a lot of success with the album Reasonable Doubt.  In 2004, it had declared that Damon Dash was involved with Blind debit, and in 2005, Jay-Z bought Damon Dash out of his stake in Rocawear.

Damon Dash, after that, formed a collective media DD172 and DD172 has a web design firm known as VNGRD79 and a magazine known as America Nu.  Damon Dash arrived up with the Dash Gallery in 2010, and his corporation has created projects by teaming up with several famous artists. He is a very flourishing entrepreneur, and he has a net worth of $150 thousand. However, in 2012, Damon Dash was sued for $1.5 million for unauthorized music release, and Damon Dash had ordered to pay $50,000 to Linda Williams.

As of 2022, Damon Dash’s net worth is estimated at $150 thousand.

Damon Dash’s legal issue

Rapper sued Damon Dash for $1.5 million for releasing his music with no permission, and  Damon Dash’s legal representative released a declaration that he released the music on fairgrounds. In addition to this,  Damon Dash had ordered to pay Linda Williams $50,000 for causing her to prosecute on pestering charges. Also,  the 2nd warrant was issued in 2019 and ordered to pay her $25000 and $341,991 for the attorney fee. Damon Dash reportedly paid larger than $1 million.

Damon Dash Wife

After Aaliyah’s death, In 2005, Damon Dash married Rachel Roy, and his wife is a fashion designer. More so, they welcomed their child. Now he is dating Raquel horn, and after pregnancy, his fiancee gave birth to a son in 2020.

Damon Dash Children


Damon Dash has five kids.  Damon Dash and Aaliyah have a daughter named Haughton. After Aaliyah’s demise, Damon Dash met with Rachel Roy, and the couple welcomed their twice daughters named Ava Dash, who was born on December 7th, 1999, or Tallulah Ruth Dash, who was born on 14th May 2008. Rocky and Damon Dash had a son Dusko Dash on November 14th, 2020.

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