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Chad Muska Net Worth in 2022, Birthday, Age, Height and Girlfriend

What is Chad Muska net worth?

Chad Muska is a professional musician, athlete, hip-hop artist, and entrepreneur based in the US. The chief editor of Transworld Skateboarding claimed that Chad Muska is one of the most professional skateboarders he has ever seen. Chad got inclined to the sport as he relocated to Arizona Phoenix. Chad Muska worked for Ghetto Wheels, TSA clothing, and Diakka watches. His past sponsors include Etnies, Maple, And Toy machine.

As of 2022, Chad Muska has a net worth of around 17 million dollars accumulated from his involvement in the sports industry.

Chad Muska Early Life

After leaving C1RCA, he founded the Supra footwear company. Angel Cabada is one of the cofounders of the organization. Whether it is ghettoblasters, backpacks, or swishy pants, Chad Muska is one of the evergreen and influential skateboarders. Chad left for San Diego, California, to concentrate on his career with a cassette player. Click here if you are interested in other celebrities’ early life, like Nyjah Huston and his net worth.

Chad Muska’s Professional Skateboarding Career

Maple was the first company that Chad Muska worked for. He appeared in the video passage rites. He spent most of the time at the beaches and was clueless about the indefinite future ahead of him. As he left Maple, Muska joined the prestigious skateboarding company Toy Machine.

Chad became the leading member of the organization and got sponsored by Elissa Steamer. Other Skateboarders of the company were Mike Maldonado, Ed Templeton, Brian Anderson, and Jamie Thomas.

Muska was sponsored by the skate shoe company Sole Technology in the 1990s. In 2006, he left Shorty and chose Elemental rollerskate for his next sponsor. Element skateboard welcomed the skateboarder with a commercial that featured him performing a Frontside flip in 2007.

How Did Campbell Influence Chad Muska?

In a Press Conference, Chad Muske said he could achieve success as he followed Campbell. Karim Campbell was an example and mentored him. Chad admitted that the Campbell he put in videos inspired him greatly. From the shoes he designed to the skaters he guided, Campbell influenced Chad.

Chad Muska as an Entrepreneur

Chad is a successful entrepreneur, and a portion of his income comes from empirical business. In 1997, he founded Ghetto Child with Sean Sheffey and Tom Penny. He opened the store Factory413 with his business partner Cabada. He also released signature products like the sunglasses Trademark factory413. It’s a hub for avant-garde Los Angeles brands. He owns the brand called Supra and released sports shoes as well.

Chad Muska in Video Games

Tony Hawk made two video games called Underground 2 and Pro Skater. It had Chad Muska as a playable character.

Music of Chad Muska

Chad Muska is a solo hip-hop artist and had a band, Muska Beats, named after him. It had two souls like I am a star and Guru- up here.

Who Is Chad Muska Girlfriend? Did He Get Marry to Paris Hilton?

As of 2021, this 44-year-old skateboarder is single. He had a rumored 1-year relationship with Paris Hilton.

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