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Bill Wyman Highest Net Worth in 2022, Birthday, Age, Career, Wife and Kids

How much is Bill Wyman's worth?

Bill Wyman, better known as William George Perks, is a well-known muѕісіаn аnd аn incredible рrоduсеr. Не аlѕо performed as a ѕіngеr and songwriter. Не came up аѕ thе bаѕѕ guіtаrіѕt fоr Rоllіng Ѕtоnеѕ bаnd bеtwееn 1962-1993.

Then, he left the Rolling Stones. His fans were shocked by his decision, and everyone wanted to know what had happened to him. Later in an interview with Telegraph, he clarified that he was tired from the increased work pressure of the band.

Later in his career, Wyman produced several fіlmѕ and tеlеvіѕіоn ѕhоws. He also emerged as a writer and outstanding photographer whose work gеt exhibited in vаrіоuѕ art gаllеrіеѕ. Bill Wуmаn had a very оutѕtаndіng music career. He оwnѕ several рrореrtіеѕ and possesses a net worth of up to 100 mіllіоn dollars now.

Bill Wyman Early Life

Born in Lewisham of South London, Bill spent his early life in a terraced home with his family. He stated once that his childhood got damaged a lot by poverty.

From 1947- 1953, he went to Beckenham and Penge County Grammar School. He left his GCE exams as his father insisted that he should take a job as a bookmaker.

As of 2022, Billy Wyman’s net worth is estimated at $100 million.

Bill Wyman Music Career

In 1955, Wyman joined the British Royal Air Force. He was stationed in Germany, where he heard rock n roll music. In the armed forces, they played the songs of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Fats Domino, which became his source of inspiration.

He did many odd jobs before he chose to become a bass guitarist. Then he established a band with a drummer who was also working with Rolling Stones. With the drummer’s approach, he became the bassist of the band. At that time, the Rolling Stones had Keith Richards (guitar, vocals), Mick Jagger (vocals, harmonica), Brian Jones (guitar), and Charlie Watts (drums). The band published its first album in 1964. Their album became a huge accomplishment in the following years. He was not happy with Richards and Jagger as they began monopolizing the production and songwriting.

Therefore he started taking up projects as a solo in 1970. In 1980, he composed music for two films. In 1993, he quit the band and founded the band Rhythm Kings in 1997. He published his first album in the year of the establishment of the band. You’ll come to this page if you’re curious about the career of other influential personalities, like Erin Olash and his net worth.

Bill Wyman’s Musical Instruments

At the start, Bill possessed a 30-short-scale fretless bass. Wyman had several basses, nearly all small scale, including:

  • Framus Star Bass
  • Vox Teardrop Bass
  • Fender Mustang Bass
  • Gibson EB-3
  • Ampeg Dan Armstrong Basses
  • Travis Bean Bass.

Since 1980, he has played Steinberger Basses. The Bass Centre of London made a copy of Wyman Homemade Bass. In 2020, his Fender Mustang Bass was at the auction for 380,000 dollars.

Bill Wyman’s Parents

Bill Wyman was one of the five children of William Perks, a bricklayer, and Molly, who lived together in Lewisham.

Bill Wyman’s Wife

Bill Wyman’s Wife

In 1959, Wyman married Diane Cory. However, they parted ways in 1969 after divorce. In 1989, Wyman married 18 years old Mandy Smith, with whom he had a sexual relationship when she was 14. After four years, the couple had a divorce. Now, she has settled in Manchester since 2002. In 1993, Wyman tied the knot with Suzanne Accosta. The pair has three daughters and currently are in a relationship.

Bill Wyman’s Children

Bill Wyman's Children

From his first marriage, Bill had a son named Stephen Paul Wyman, and from his third marriage, he had three daughters named Matilda Mae Wyman, Katherine Noelle Wyman, and Jessica Rose Wyman. Bill was usually seen with his children. However, he never revealed much about their education and profession.

Bill Wyman Bibliography

Wyman has written or co-written the titles- Bill Wyman’s Treasure Islands, Archaeology The Rolling Stones, Bill Wyman’s Blues Odyssey, and Stone Alone. His final three books and Treasure Islands were penned in alliance with Richard Havers.

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