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Antonio Aguilar Net Worth in 2022, Birthday, Death age, Wife and Kids

How much was Antonio Aguilar worth when he died and When did Antonio Aguilar pass away?

Antonio Aguilar or Jose Pascual Antonio Aguilar Marquez Barraza is a famous figure in the Mexican singing and acting industry. He is also a famed equestrian, screenwriter, songwriter, and film producer. He was declared dead on June 19, 2007, when it was 11:45 p.m. on the clock. He got buried at Aguilar Ranchero Grounds. Antonio’s death reason was pneumonia that made his health critical. At the time of his death, he held a net worth of about $20 Million. At the age of 88-years, he left the world.

Antonio Aguilar Early Life

Angela Marquez Barraza Valle and Jesus Aguilar got blessed with Antonio Aguilar. He took birth in the beautiful region of Villanueva in Zacatecas. He had six siblings Josefina, Jose Roque, Mariano, Salvador, Luis Tomas, and Guadalupe. Josefina and Jose Roque are alive and others are deceased. He resided in a Hacienda building in Las Casa Grande De Tayahua town.

Antonio Aguilar Career

In 1950, Antonio started his music career with a recording. After that, he sold over 25 million music records and made over 150 music albums. His best music songs were Albur De Amor, Gabino Barrera, Un Puno De Tierra, and Caballo Prieto Azabache. When he was out for a show, he performed a mixture of concerts and rodeos. It made him known as the first performer in Mexico to release such a music combination.

During the age of Golden cinema in Mexico in 1952, Antonio laid his first steps in the acting industry. During the 1950s, he got a role in a film series based on Mauricio Rosales- a rural acting hero. In 1955, he got casted in La Barranca De Muerte and El Rayo Justiciero. In 1956, he was seen in La Huella Del Chacl and La Sierra Del Terror. During 1957 and 1958, he got roles in La Pantera Negra, Los Muertos No Hablan, and La Guarida Del Buitre. Antonio also acted in western American-based films, including “The Undefeated” in 1969 (starred by John Wayne). In 1991, he played a starring cast with Flor Silvestre (his wife) in “Triste Recuerdo.” If you know about more singer careers like Jennifer Hudson and his net worth, visit this page.

At the time of his death, he held a net worth of about $20 Million.

Antonio Aguilar Family

Antonio married Otilia Larranaga, a famous dancer. He filed for a divorce and later tied knots with Flor Silvestre (actress and singer). His kid Jose “Pepe” Aguilar is a popular figure in Mexico’s singers of the modern world. Along with Pepe Aguilar, Antonio got blessed with Antonio Aguilar Hijo (eldest).

Antonio Aguilar Death

Doctors reported that Antonio was not responding and might die in the early night on June 18, 2007. Doctors said he was alive and responding on the next day, but his condition was critical. Meanwhile, many renowned figures visited the family-like Vicente Fernandez.

Antonio was dead when the clock showed 11:45 p.m. on June 19, 2007, pneumonia. He was honoured in the coffin by a church memorial performed with hundreds of attendees. There was sadness in Zacatecas streets when Antonio’s coffin was carried away. His dead body arrived at Tayahua Hamlet, located 100 km in the South, wherein streets were filled with residents bidding farewell to Antonio before his burial.

Many famous newspapers like The Guardian, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Independent, and The New York Times showed his obituaries. In many countries speaking Spanish, newspapers released news about his death.

Antonio Aguilar Discography


  • Cantos De Mi Tierra
  • 15 Éxitos 15 Con Tambora
  • Éxitos De Antonio Aguilar
  • A Grito Abierto
  • La Voz Del Pueblo
  • El Aguijón
  • Ya Viene Amaneciendo
  • Corridos: Gabino Barrera Y 11 Éxitos Más
  • Corridos Con Antonio Aguilar
  • Viva El Norte Con Antonio Aguilar
  • Puras Buenas
  • Puras Buenas Vol. II
  • La Mula Chula/Arriba Tayahua
  • 15 Éxitos 15 Corridos Famosos

Extended Plays

  • Antonio Aguilar Nº4, Nº5, Nº6, Nº7, Nº8
  • Antonio Aguilar Nº9
  • Cancionero Toni Aguilar En Discos “Odeon”
  • Toma Esta Carta

Antonio Aguilar Spouse

Antonio Aguilar married two times in his life. His first wife was Otilia Larranaga. Later, he met Flor Silvestre and married her in 1959. On November 25, 2020, Flor Silvestre died due to natural health causes.

Antonio Aguilar Kids

Antonio Aguilar had two children- Pepe Aguilar and Antonio Aguilar Hijo. Pepe became a famous singer and songwriter. Antonio Aguilar Hijo is the eldest among his siblings and became a famous Mexican actor and singer.

Photo ofJosé Pascual Antonio Aguilar Márquez Barraza
José Pascual Antonio Aguilar Márquez Barraza
(El Charro de México)
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Mexican singer

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